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It started way back in history with T-Mac (Bobby Braciola) formally of Kicks 106.3 FM and David DJ DaVinci Nadeau when they were spinning in my brothers lounge in East Greenwich, RI. I was just a lil guy working as a bus boy and these 2 legends noticed my curiosity when they started spinning. Like the little sneak i was I would head into the lounge and play with the 1200's. One evening T-Mac came in and noticed me playing around and asked me to stick around and check out how it all works and the science behind djing. So i decided to take him up on the offer. T says to me, "hey lil man wanna give it a try?", I was ecstatic! So he pulls out of his crate a Delicious Vinyl labeled 12" by Young MC called "Bust A Move" Right then i dropped the needle and cue up the song, dropped in the mix (which was so off beat) and packed the floor. Right from that moment it was like heroin flowing through my veins. I knew this is what I wanted to do. So over the next few years I practiced my ass off with


After taking a little break DJ Soundscape is coming back strong! Soundscape spins all genres of music and specializes in Open Format and Remixes.


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