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What can I say? Once a DJ always a DJ.

Over 10 years ago I lived in a small little remote town in the arm pit of Texas called El Paso. Its next to Mexico and not much to do there. I remember going to the clubs, looking up at the DJ and going "WOW, they can make people dance." Ever since then I have been on a journey to make people dance.

A few months of intense practice and befriending the DJ, Lisa, I learned that mixing records is not that hard. I landed the after hours gig at one of the only dance clubs in El Paso at the time, The Old Plantation. I got to play the music I wanted to hear and made people dance.

I eventually made it to Houston where I set up shop, got a regular 9 to 5 job and learned how to build web sites. A few months ago by best friend asked me if I would build a web site for a DJ. While the job didn't pan out it got me thinking about the music again.

So Now

Sit Back

And Enjoy The Dance Floor Once More



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