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Spain | Unlisted/GuestDJ

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tj. phil.x. is a Resident DJ on VirtualDJ Radio.

Listen LIVE every Wednesday night at THE GRIND (Channel 2).
So you can taste some different flavours:

- fang! (urban | funk | r&b | hiphop | oldskool)

- reggae dub experience (reggae | dub | dancehall | ragga)

- smashing boots (mashups | bootlegs | bastard pop)


Not hooked to an unique style, due to DJing in different kind of venues:
- Pub, Disco, Festivals, Private Parties, Internet Radio,...

But other typical sets you can listen at VirtualDJ Radio can be:

- 90s dance anthems (90s: dance | club | remember )

- don't let the bed bugs bite (chill-out in different flavours)

- to step away (uk garage | 2-step | speed garage | dubstep)


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